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The Aspen Air

Designed from the ground up by our in-house engineers to be the best ecig on the market.

We challenged our in-house experts to design and engineer the best production vape pen you can buy. They came back with the Aspen Air, a statement product that gives you an upscale vaping experience previously available only on hand-crafted models. In terms of performance, styling and features, the Aspen Air stands alone.

Begin by customizing your experience with variable voltage. Simply rotate the bottom of the Aspen Air to move between 3.6–4.6 volts, which adjusts vape volume to your preferred strength. A built-in light ring indicates the voltage setting, while a high-quality organic Japanese cotton wick provides huge vapor capabilities.

The Aspen Air's powerful, high purity graphite 720mAh battery delivers long-lasting satisfaction with easy Micro-USB charging. The light ring pulses slowly to indicate charging status, and in 90 minutes the system is ready to go. Boulder's state-of-the-art energy management, featuring high-transfer heating elements, ultra-conductive contact points and energy-saving micro-controllers, deliver unmatched battery efficiency.

All our best design, convenience and safety features have gone into the Aspen Air. It's slim and stylish enough to take with you anywhere, and the three-press button safety activation gives you accident-proof confidence. Precision replacement parts, designed and manufactured by Boulder with the same care as our vapes, ensure that you'll enjoy a top-end experience for the life of the product.

(1) Aspen Air
(1) Vapor Module
(1) UL Certified Wall Charger
(1) Micro-USB Cable
(2) Extra Heating Elements

E-cigs, aspen air

Micro USB Charging


Personalized Draw Voltage


Convenient LED indicators

Beautiful design, incredible build

The Aspen Air is crafted from the finest quality 6063 aluminum, with a fit and finish that's been anodized twice. This extra care gives you a rich color that won’t chip or wear -- unlike other vape pens. The Aspen Air's tank cover protects the silicon glass tank, which is much stronger than Pyrex. This design innovation allows for a slimmer tank without sacrificing liquid capacity in a compact size. Sleek, powerful and efficient, the Aspen Air defines state-of-the-art in a production ecig.


Easy Refilling

Refilling the Aspen Air is a breeze. Simply remove the Air's mouthpiece and tank cover, then unscrew the tank from the battery before removing the heating element to fill. Insert the nozzle and gently squeeze the bottle until the tank is full.


Technical Specifications

Available colors:
Dark Gray, Metallic Red, Metallic Blue

Charge time:
90 minutes, Micro-USB charger

Battery capacity:
720 mAh, high purity graphite

High-quality 6063 Aluminum, silicone glass

Device dimensions:
5.98" x 0.65" (152mm x 16.5mm)

aspen air

“Smooth and refined, just like me, haha"

The Aspen Air

–Alex S, San Francisco, CA


The Boulder Rock

Simplicity and satisfaction, perfectly sized and shaped to fit in your hand or pocket.


The Aspen Slim

Welcome to the Boulder open system, where luxury vaping meets sensible everyday pricing.

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