Get to know Boulder

We're a global leader in vape technology and products. Don't settle for anything less than Boulder quality.

US-based Boulder International is a well-funded, innovative manufacturer of e-cigarette and vapor products, and has been a global leader in vape technologies since 2014. In a market filled with endless knockoff brands with disappointing, illegitimate products, we're the real deal. You can count on our quality every time.

Our years of electronics design, engineering and manufacturing expertise gives us advantages that show up in every Boulder product. Our best-in-the-biz supply chain gets us the choicest components. What does that mean to you? Our batteries hold more charge and last longer. Our tanks are more leak-proof. Our parts fit more precisely and burn more efficiently. Our durable finishes provide lasting elegance.

Our e-liquids, are crafted in our state-of-the-art clean rooms under the watchful eye of our in-house flavor chemists. The finest ingredients and flavors are imported from Switzerland and Italy for exquisite vaping experiences.

Boulder quality and value is second to none. Try us once; you'll never settle for less.