Vape Parts and Accessories

All Boulder vape parts & accessories are precision crafted from the same high-quality materials as our vaporizers.

Boulder is a veteran vape manufacturer (we're already the #1 brand in China) and we make all our products ourselves, from the ground up. Including all our vape parts and accessories. Thanks to our deep background in electronics manufacturing, you can count on our accessories for precision and quality, time and again. Because of our long industry experience, we enjoy access to the best source materials – the "A quality" -- from our supply chain. That's why our batteries are so good and why our individual components perform better and longer. With Boulder you can always count on premium quality.

vape parts

Viridian Module

Vapor replacement modules for the Boulder Viridian.


Rock Modules

Vapor replacement modules for the Boulder Rock.

vape parts

Charging Accessories

Includes wall charger and USB-C cable.

vape parts

W1 Replacment Ovens

Ceramic and Quartz available.