The Boulder Twilight

Sleek, simple and convenient, with the perfect size and shape. Choose the Boulder Twilight for vaping enjoyment anytime, anywhere.

The Boulder Twilight has become an industry favorite, and with good reason! No other vape pen can match the Twilight’s combination of ease, efficiency and dependability. You get the convenience and consistency of a disposable, with the economy and flexibility of a component system.

Powering and refilling the Boulder Twilight is as simple as it gets. Boulder Twilight pods have ceramic mesh coils which works with E-Liquids & Distillates with a 2.2ml capacity, The Boulder Twilight has a A-Grade 350 mAh high quality battery, It plugs directly into the advanced USB-C port with the included cable. Refills are quick and clean through Boulder's precision nozzle system. Highly-engineered power management maximizes vapor delivery and extends battery life.

The Twilight feels great in your hand and stays secure in a pocket or handbag, thanks to its flush-mounted, air activated auto-draw switch. Stylish enough to go anywhere but inconspicuous when you need it to be, the Boulder Twilight provides effortless vaping pleasure.

(1) Boulder Twilight
(1) Empty 2.2ml Refillable Pod
(1) USB-C Charging Cable

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