Trust Boulder for the finest in alt and CBD vaping. 

Boulder is a global leader in alt and CBD vape tech, and we design and build all our products.

You can count on Boulder quality to deliver the best experiences, each and every time.

CBD vape


The Boulder Viridian

CBD vape and alt concentrate vaping that's perfectly sized and shaped to fit discreetly in your hand or pocket. 

Taking a page from our wildly popular Boulder Rock, the Boulder Viridian shares the same convenient form factor and rugged construction. Going further to maximize the alt and CBD vape experience, the Viridian features an all-new vapor module designed to let you discreetly and conveniently enjoy plant based concentrates that have been specifically prepared for vaping.


CBD vape
W2 Pen back Transperent-min

The Boulder W2

A complete system that lets you get the most from any type of concentrate, built for the long run.

When you're ready for a modular alt and CBD vape system designed from the ground up for concentrates, the Boulder W1 is a great investment. Fully-featured, with rock-solid build quality, the W1 includes both quartz and ceramic ovens to suit your concentrate preferences. In terms of performance, convenience and durability, we've pulled out all the stops to make the W1 your go-to vape.

Don’t forget Boulder's Fine E-Liquids and Accessories!


Fine E-liquids

We only use USP Grade ingredients and premium flavorings imported from Switzerland and Italy.



Precision accessories you can count on, crafted with the same materials and care as our vaporizers.