The Aspen Slim

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When you're ready for a high-quality, modular ecig that delivers consistent satisfaction day in and day out, the Aspen Slim is ready for you. We've designed this sleek entry to the Boulder system for maximum livablity and ease of use.

A three-press safety activation button keeps the Aspen Slim accident-free in your pocket or bag. Its powerful, high-purity graphite 720mAh battery packs plenty of punch and stays that way for long satisfaction, thanks to ultra-conductive contact points and energy-conserving microcontrollers designed in-house by Boulder.

Recharging the Aspen Slim is quick and painless through the supplied Micro USB cable and takes only 45 minutes. The LED ring at the base of the battery gently pulses to let you know that it's charging. Precision-engineered heating elements and replacement tanks ensure the same satisfying experience, each and every time.


Micro USB Charging

aspen-slim-top (1)

Replaceable Heating Element


Sleek and unobtrusive

Premium fit and finish

The Aspen Slim utilizes durable steel and polycarbonate construction for long-lasting aesthetic appeal and consistent everyday performance. Its premium textured finish gives you a comfortable, slip-free grip, while the organic Japanese cotton wick ensures big vapor satisfaction. Sleek and compact, the Aspen Slim is perfect for stealth vaping and fits discreetly in your pocket between uses. 


Simplest Refilling

To refill the Aspen Slim, simply unscrew the tank from the battery. Then unscrew the heating element assembly from the rest of the tank and fill with your e-liquid of choice. The Boulder nozzle system keeps things neat and easy.


Technical Specifications

Available colors:
Blue, Champagne Gold, Red

Charge time:
60 minutes, built-in USB charger

720 mAh, high purity graphite

High-quality steel and food-grade PC

Device dimensions:
5.67” x 0.55” (143.9mm x 14mm)


"My new go-to, thanks for making a great product"

The Aspen Slim

–Dan G, Santa Rosa, CA


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